Weekly Pet Pic: If the Sink Fits!

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My cat, Tucker has a thing about sinks.  He prefers drinking from a running faucet.  And he will meow for his people to run the water.  In fact he will meow and meow until we get up and turn it on! 

And as you can see, he likes to sleep in sinks, too.  So I guess if the sink fits….I’ll let him stay there! 

And I’ll agree to it because once again my funny feline friend made me laugh and smile.  I hope this picture made you smile today, too! 🙂

Happy Friday everyone.  Stay warm out there and have a terrific weekend!


  1. Hercules loves to curl up in my bathroom sink, too, especially in the summer when the porcelain is nice and cool. Also like Tucker, he enjoys drinking from the faucet, so much so, that he has figured out how to turn it on himself! It’s the lever kind, so with a little patience, he can pull it off. (He has a fountain water bowl, but it’s apparently no substitute for actual running water.)

  2. Love it, Cat! Cats are smart cookies! I can just picture Hercules helping himself to some water. I wish he could teach that trick to Tucker!