Tips for Teasing Hair from Stylist/Salon Owner Angelic

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Manic:  Want to know how to tease the crown in the back of my hair (and my daughter’s) quickly and correctly, to get that added volume that looks so good when done right.

Managed:  Asked our hair stylist expert, Angelic to show me step-by-step how to tease the crown of the hair to get that perfect lift.   Not only did she show me how, but she told me that the 60’s bouffant bump is back in style this season, along with fake eyelashes.  I love that Jackie O and Audrey Heburn look.  Read on to see today’s updated bouffant and how to achieve it, with the right comb and tricks.

1.  First Angelic recommends buying her favorite brush for getting the best bump.  Called Amped Up by Cricket, it sells for $6 at Angelic’s salon called Backstage Salon & Spa ( in Tempe.  The brush, that comes in several bright colors, is made with soft boar bristles that gives hair the maximum teasing height without damaging side effects.

The brush is also sold on a variety of beauty sites and on

 2.  Next take a section and hold the hair straight up, as Angelic does in this picture.  Comb hair in short strokes downward. 

 3.  Then lay that piece down, and grab a second section.  Notice how Angelic uses the end of the brush to evenly grab a section of hair to tease.  Cool trick.  You can stop here or grab a third section based on how much hair you are working with.

Check out how it looks before Angelic smooths the tease.  This gives you an idea of just how high to tease the hair before doing the final smoothing step. 

Front view

4.  Now for the final step, simply and lightly use the brush to smooth over the teased sections, so that it lays nicely.  Here is the finished result. 

And remember, teasing the crown to get the bump works on short hair, too.

 Easy, plus this adds volume and lift and is back in style this season.  Happy styling!

Angelic Papadakis, Hair Stylist & Owner of Backstage Salon & Spa.

Angelic has been a stylist in the Valley of the Sun for more than 15 years.  Specializing in precision cuts, Angelic has  taken her passion for hair and transformed it into her salon, Backstage Salon & Spa in Tempe, Arizona.

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What are your favorite hair teasing tricks?  Tell us here in the comments section.


  1. I love the bump!!!! Can’t wait to go and get that brush! Thank you Rachel!!!!

  2. How ironic, I was just trying to tease some volume into my hair this morning! I saw a girl yesterday with a cute half up, half down hairstyle that I was trying to replicate. I’ll have to get one of those brushes. My comb only gave me mediocre results.