Website Protection for Kids That Parents Should Know About

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Manic:  After my tween daughter saved up her money for over a year, I decided to give in and let her buy that $200 laptop that she was longing for, even though I wished that she had saved up for something more child-like.  At her age, my piggy-bank money was spent on designer jeans or a Barbie camper, but times are oh so different now and kids grow up so much faster!  In fact, when I was her age, the word, “tween” didn’t even exist.  I was simply a kid!  Yes, I’m at the age where I look back and reflect on simpler times!

Managed:  After a discussion about what would happen AFTER we got home with her new laptop, we headed out to shop around for her new prized possession.  And what would happen after we got home is called getting a K9, not the dog, but an Internet watchdog software program  that you’ve got to know about.  It’s awesome!

Before they log on, call in the K9 for protection!

K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filter and parental Internet software for your home Windows or MAC computer.  My computer expert (who is also our Monday yoga expert, Roman!) and my brother-in-law (also a top notch computer expert) both highly recommend this safeguard for families.  I am very happy with this service and here is why…

*It is free!

*Easy to upload to your computer.

*The best part is that whenever my daughter wants to go online on her little laptop, K9 blocks her.  I have to log on with my password to allow her online, so I see where see is going and I’m there to watch what she looks at online.  She usually wants to go to Disney Channel or look up lyrics to a favorite song, but I have to approve the site first.

*And even cooler is that I can set a time limit for how long she can stay online.  I often choose 30 minutes, which drives her crazy when it boots her out, but that is what parental control is all about…setting limits and keeping her safe!

When I was checking out the K9 program, I read a quote somewhere that said something like… “Parents love us and kids hate us, so we must be doing something right!”  Although I can’t find where that statement appeared now, I completely agree and I love it!  Thank you K9!

For more information visit  Good stuff!





  1. Although when I look back it doesn’t seem like a simpler time, but a different set of complexities; certainly didn’t worry about being “on line”, but then again we didn’t have the advantages we have today (cell phones, computers and all the other digital electronics that we now find so indispensable.)

    Even though your young daughter doesn’t appreciate your efforts and concerns, you are certainly a wise mom to set limits on her time and subject matter when it comes to on-line activity.