Weekly Pet Pic Plus A Pet Tip From One Of Our Subscribers

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    Manic:   Living in Phoenix this time of year and trying to stay cool!

Managed:  Managedmoms.com subscriber and lover of all animals, Lynnette emailed us a tip on how to keep outdoor pets cool, too.  Plus she sent us an adorable pet pic of a cool cat that she rescued.  So first we’ll show the pic and then we’ll share the tip.

What a beautiful boy 🙂

Lynnette calls this guy Cookie Monster and she says that he is quite the ham!  Lynnette sent in a few other funny pictures of Cookie and her other cats that we will share in our future pet pic posts.  And Lynnette emailed us a good tip, too.

Lynnette says:
This is for all the pet owners or neighbors of pet owners who don’t keep their animals inside on hot summer days.  The idea is simple, empty a Pepsi bottle, water bottle, Sobe bottle or any kind of bottle.  Fill it with tap water and freeze.  Then just set it out on hot summer days for relief for cats and dogs that don’t have the luxury of living inside.  Any bottle, anywhere.  When they are done, recycle and do it again.
This is a great tip, Lynnette and we thank you for sharing this.  My son pet-sits for a great family that raises chickens and they taught us to do this same thing when we were caring for the chickens in the summer and it works great.  They use recycled empty milk or water jugs.  Great idea.
Keep sending us your pet pics everyone!  We love them! 
And say a little prayer for our canine and feline friends because it was reported in the news that our local pounds are more crowded than ever with this horrible economy.  It breaks my heart.  So if you are considering a pet, now is a good time to head over to your local humane society and save the day for an innocent animal.  We adopted both of our cats from our local pound and they are awesome and loving pets.
Have a good week everyone 🙂


  1. I am Lynnette’s husband. Cookie Monster was truly a member of our family. When he passed away I purchased a star in his name through the national star registry. It means a lot to us. He meant a lot to us and is why we continue to rescue cats. I did a memorial video for Cookie and it is on You Tube. It woudl be wonderful if you could post it. If not through You Tube I can upload it from my computer. I hope you can because it will touch the hearts of everyone. And Rachel if you read this the song at the end of the video is one you might remember. You had us on 3 TV shortly before you left because I think it was your second child. We talked on the phone I send you a CD and you said you were playing it all day in the office. We then came on . . . but it was a long time ago. Thanks Craig Leonard, formerly of the band Suite 212 now with the band Straydawgs.

  2. managedmom says:

    Hi Craig,

    I do remember 🙂 Do you have the YouTube link that you email us here at managedmoms.com? Then we can take a look and maybe run it, if our system allows us to. Send us the link and Cookie Monster sounds like he was one special feline friend. When we lost our first cat at 15 years old, it took me several months to mourn her before I could go to the Humane Society to adopt two new furry friends. I really had to go through the grieving process. Those sweet pets love us unconditionally and never say a mean thing to us. What a sweet boy Cookie Monster was for you and for Lynnette.