You Won’t Believe This Week’s Pet Pic!

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    Manic:  Me typing away on my laptop at Starbucks to make my freelance writing deadline!

Managed:  Two beautiful birds perfectly perched atop the back of a cafe chair!  The Starbucks employees told me that the parrots and their person are regular customers!  I stopped writing for a bit and I asked the owner if I could take a picture for my website’s weekly pet pic. He smiled at me and placed the two buddies…..well….see for yourself….

After I asked if I could take a picture, the birds' owner didn't answer me, but instead placed them on my head and in my arms, to my surprise!

And here is the official weekly pet pic of two of Starbuck’s most beautiful regular customers….

They are photogenic, aren’t they?  You just never know what pretty pets you will encounter when you are getting your caffeine fix at Starbucks!

Send us your pretty pet pictures.  We are big pet lovers here at!  To see the gallery of pet pics that we have collected from our readers so far, click pet pics on our home page 🙂  And keep scrolling to see a hilarious cat vs. toddler video, too.  See the pet pics section of our website here:

Thanks to all of you for your fun pet pictures.  Keep them coming!


  1. They’re beautiful birds.