Roman’s Recommended Yoga Pose for Relieving Holiday Stress!

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Manic:  Although the holiday season is cause for celebration, this time of year is also manic!

Managed:  Our yoga expert’s pose for relieving tension and stress, especially during the hectic holiday season!  Start your Thanksgiving week with this relaxing pose and have a great holiday!

Roman says:

Prasarita Padotasana A: Wide-Legged
Forward Fold


*Calms the mind

*Lengthens Spine

*Strengthens Core

*Hamstring Stretch



1.  Stand with the feet three to four feet apart, toes turned slightly inward toward each other.

2.  Rotate the heels slightly outward, creating an inward spiral of the thigh. Bring the hands to the hips.

3.  Gaze upward and inhale, lifting the sternum to the sky.

4.  Exhale, fold forward and transition the palms to the floor, checking to be sure that the fingertips and toe tips line up horizontally.

5.  Bend the elbows and press the palms into the floor. Engage the quads and the core to create your forward fold.  This pose is not about letting gravity pull you down, but about actively folding your body in half, squeezing out toxins and impurities and reversing the typical flow of blood.

6.  Inhale and exhale deeply 5 times. Then replace the hands on the hips and let the inhale lift you back up to standing.


Contraindications and Cautions:

Lower-back issues


About Roman:

About Roman Acevedo, Yoga Instructor

Roman began practicing yoga in 2000 to complement his rigorous workout and hectic work schedule. Leading to increased strength, concentration and flexibility, he found yoga far more beneficial in restoring peace in any stressful environment. Studying under Andrew Eppler and local instructors Dave Oliver, Cheryl Oliver and John Salisbury, Roman is currently working towards the 500 hour advanced Yoga Instructor training.

Read more about Roman on our team bio page.