Mom Tested Home Remedies for Cold & Flu

Manic:  This cold and flu season for so many of my friends….our family hasn’t been sick yet…knock on some major wood! Managed:  Asked my gal pals what their favorite home remedies are for illness and I got some great answers, to take a look and be well out there…

New to Yoga? See These Helpful Tips!

Manic:  Me period!  My schedule and my Type A personality! Managed:  Taking up yoga last month and I can’t believe what a huge difference it has made in my stress level, my skin, how I sleep and more!  I dove right into yoga classes at the terrific Joyful Yoga Studio in Chandler and I love […]

Yoga Hammock Flyoga Inversion Techniques

Roman returns this week with a video featuring one of his talented yoga instructors, Alexandra and her flyoga inversions is really something to see.  I’ve got to get over to Roman’s new studio, RA Yoga and try one of these hammock classes!  As I watched, I could almost feel the wonderful stretch myself! So take […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Poses for Anti-Aging Benefits

Manic:  Time…how fast it flies and how fast I see my appearance changing.  I always thought that I would age gracefully, but um…well…not so much!  And I want to find some natural ways to tap into the fountain of youth! Managed:  Taking up yoga!  Our writer and yoga expert, Roman Acevedo, tells me that […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Hammock Poses…Healthy & Fun!

With the opening of Roman’s new yoga studio called RA Yoga, we get to see video of how those interesting yoga hammocks work.  I haven’t tried one yet, but after seeing today’s poses I really want to, because these poses look more fun than traditional yoga.  Have you tried the yoga hammock?  Let us know […]

Ever Seen A Yoga Hammock? Check out Roman’s Recommended Yoga Pose on One!

Manic:  Been doing a lot of driving and traveling and I need to open up my shoulders. Managed:  Asked Roman about his new yoga studio, RA Yoga and check out his recommended yoga pose using the very cool yoga hammock that he has available at his new and FREE downtown Phoenix yoga studio!   Check this […]

Big News from our Yoga Expert, Roman…New Yoga Studio in Town & It’s Free!!

First let me begin by thanking writer, Roman Acevedo, for his healthy and fun weekly yoga poses.  He faithfully sends me a post every week and his passion and enthusiasm for his recommended exercises comes through beautifully in every post.  Now he is switching to weekly videos, which is great for us, because seeing […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Pose for Shoulders, Posture & More

Manic:  This last weekend was manic, but so wonderful with my daughter performing in three Christmas Carol shows, my son’s hockey game, my girl’s 3-hour dress rehearsal for another performance she is in this holiday season and a wonderful visit with my kids’ amazing grandparents who came to see the shows and the hockey!  Whew…exciting […]

Bridget’s Brilliant Home Christmas Decor Idea

Manic:  Can’t find time to put out our Christmas decorations and my very spirited daughter is on me to do it! Managed:  Asked our interior design expert for a quick holiday decorating tip and I love what she came up with.  Take a look… Bridget says: Holiday decorating can get so expensive, so I […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Pose for Anxiety Relief & More!

Manic:  Holidays, year-end events, seasonal travel and everything else that happens as we begin December!  And tight budgets coupled with holiday shopping can produce understandable anxiety. Managed:  Do your yoga!  Here is a pose from our yoga expert that can reduce anxiety, aid digestion, strengthen your knee joints and more.  Try this… Roman says: Prasarita […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Pose for Relieving Holiday Stress!

Manic:  Although the holiday season is cause for celebration, this time of year is also manic! Managed:  Our yoga expert’s pose for relieving tension and stress, especially during the hectic holiday season!  Start your Thanksgiving week with this relaxing pose and have a great holiday! Roman says: Prasarita Padotasana A: Wide-Legged Forward Fold Benefits: *Calms […]

Roman’s Weekly Yoga Pose for Increased Stamina and More!

Manic:  My schedule this time of year that has me wondering how I can increase my stamina! Managed:  Our yoga expert, Roman told me about a yoga pose that not only strengthens and stretches the legs, knees and ankles (which I also need), but also increases stamina.  Sign me up!  Take a look at […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Partner Pose for Lower Back, Chest and Shoulders

Roman’s partner poses have been so interesting to see and learn about!  Have any of you tried any of these poses?  Today is his last partner pose for a while.  He will get back to individual yoga poses next week and we can also look forward to Roman showing us some additional fitness tips in […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Partner Pose

Manic:  With the holiday weekend two weeks ago and the big 9/11 anniversary this past weekend, my fitness plans went out the window! Managed:  Yipee!  Our yoga expert, Roman is back with another yoga pose and he has yet another partner pose for us! Roman says: Pose: Partner Supta Baddha Konasana   Benefits: *Stretches lower […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga For Back, Hip Pain Relief & More

Manic:  I have attended lots of special events in the last few weeks like graduations, anniversary parties and more, so I’ve been wearing high heels more than usual, which has resulted in back and hip pain from those unforgiving shoes. Managed:  Roman’s recommended yoga pose of the week, which not only relieves back and hip […]