For A Good Cause…I Got To Be a Model for a Day!

Manic:  Actually a fun kind of manic….sort of an organized and exciting chaos all around me at the RA Organic Apparel fashion look book shoot! Managed:  RA Organic Apparel boss man, Roman Acevedo and his wonderful team, were all working together to put together a look book to showcase the fabulous fashions that are coming […]

Yoga Hammock Flyoga Inversion Techniques

Roman returns this week with a video featuring one of his talented yoga instructors, Alexandra and her flyoga inversions is really something to see.  I’ve got to get over to Roman’s new studio, RA Yoga and try one of these hammock classes!  As I watched, I could almost feel the wonderful stretch myself! So take […]

Roman’s Recommended Yoga Hammock Poses…Healthy & Fun!

With the opening of Roman’s new yoga studio called RA Yoga, we get to see video of how those interesting yoga hammocks work.  I haven’t tried one yet, but after seeing today’s poses I really want to, because these poses look more fun than traditional yoga.  Have you tried the yoga hammock?  Let us know […]