New to Yoga? See These Helpful Tips!

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Manic:  Me period!  My schedule and my Type A personality!

Managed:  Taking up yoga last month and I can’t believe what a huge difference it has made in my stress level, my skin, how I sleep and more!  I dove right into yoga classes at the terrific Joyful Yoga Studio in Chandler and I love the place, but I was definitely a rookie and it was apparent that I was doing a few things wrong.  So I asked our fitness expert and RA Yoga Studio owner Roman Acevedo to give me a few tips when it comes to the tools that are readily available in yoga classes.  Watch the clip to see how to use the blocks, the blankets and the straps, plus we show you Roman’s favorite yoga move for strong abs!  Oh and great news….ra Yoga is FREE to everyone, so if you are local to Phoenix, be sure to check out Roman’s studio!!

Our 1st yoga lesson, so watch and do it with us….