Ever Seen A Yoga Hammock? Check out Roman’s Recommended Yoga Pose on One!

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Manic:  Been doing a lot of driving and traveling and I need to open up my shoulders.

Managed:  Asked Roman about his new yoga studio, RA Yoga and check out his recommended yoga pose using the very cool yoga hammock that he has available at his new and FREE downtown Phoenix yoga studio!   Check this out…

This is a yoga hammock and Roman loves this beneficial...and fun yoga tool!

And here is the video that demonstrates how to do yoga on the yoga hammock!  You’ve got to check this out!  Watch this clip…





About Roman Acevedo,  Yoga Instructor:

Learn Roman’s yoga poses for more flexibility and fitness and less stress.
Roman has practiced yoga for 11 years to increase flexibility, build strength and invite meditation into his busy daily life and rigorous work schedule. He finds yoga to be beneficial in restoring peace in any stressful environment and continues his studies with Scott Page, David Miliotis and local instructors throughout the valley. Part of his dharma yoga practice is giving, which he does through his Ra-Yoga studio that gives free yoga/aerial yoga, and through ra-Apparel, his fashion house with an uncompromising buy-one, give-one program clothing underserved children in the community. Made in Downtown Phoenix AZ.  He enjoys hiking in the mountains with his dog, Raja and photographing his environment.

For more information visit:





Read more about Roman on our team bio page.





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