A Unique Christmas Ornament Idea

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Manic:  No time to put up our Christmas tree because our last two weekends have been filled with rehearsals, hockey and out-of-town guests!

Managed:  Relax and take our time to enjoy putting up our tree with some unique ornament ideas.  Our managedmoms.com writer, Bianca, shared a unique tree decorating idea and you won’t believe where she got her ornaments!  Cracker Barrel!!  Take a look…

She has this miniature tree in her master bedroom!  Fun!

What unique tree ideas do you have?  Tell me now before we finally get caught up and get our tree up…..should be happening sometime this week.

Happy Holidays out there and remember to try to relax 🙂


  1. What a cute tree! I love Cracker Barrel, and just went there a week ago. The ornaments were adorable and 40% off. Can you believe it was the only place that I found a Sock Monkey ornament. Great Decorating idea!