How to Recover Your Outdoor Decor & Design On a Dime

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Manic:  Stuff breaking, tearing, etc….and it seems to happen to something in my house every single day!  Does this happen to you?

Managed:  Sharing stories with our home decor expert and getting a money-saving tip on how to save on home decor and/or fix-it items.  See her story and know how to fix and design on a dime the next time you have to fix…or in her case…recover something….

Bridget says:



....After and read on to see all the money I saved on this!


About a week ago, one of my lawn chair cushions started to split and tear, adding yet another DIY fix-it project to my list.  I tried sewing them, but it just spread to an ever bigger tear.  So I called the outdoor patio store that originally sold me our patio set in 2008.  They quoted me $845 for a new set of 2 cushions, and with only a 12 month warranty!  Are you kidding me, I thought to myself!  Not acceptable, so I continued my quest to fix it myself and to design on a dime!

So after I got the exact measurements of my cushions from the original store, I was on a mission!

I knew that I would have to order them due to the big size.  The only place that I could find my exact cushion measurements and style was through Hayneedle.  I have ordered pots, rugs and more from this company before and I always like what they send me. So my cushions arrived and they aren’t the exact same color that I had before, but I was able to still receive the beige shade that I wanted.  I avoid chocolate brown and red Terra cotta because those colors fade in our hot summer desert sun.  So I matched the closest that I could get and I received two over-sized cushions that fit my brand of loungers for only $139!  That was a huge savings from the $845 that I was first quoted from the first store!!  And that great price was for two of them!

Plus ordering through amazon was the way to go because I paid NO shipping costs and the delivery arrived at my home in only four days through Fed Ex.  And don’t they look nice?

I think I will go lounge on my lounge chairs for a few minutes before I take on my next home decor design on a dime project!   There is always another one on our list, right?!


  1. Rachel, your new cushions look great!

    I often order thru Amazon, too. Not only do I find a cheaper price, but like the free shipping, as you noted.

    I’ve even found my Standard Process vitamins at a savings by ordering thru the site.

  2. managedmom says:

    Thank you….the cushions are actually Bridget’s, our home decor expert. As usual, she did a great job and shared tips on how to do it yourself for lots less!

    And thanks for letting us know about the vitamins savings through Amazon! Great to know!