See This and Smile! The Most Inspirational Father-Son Story That I Have Ever Seen!

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Manic:  Me and my schedule!

Managed:  Taking a minute to watch this incredible video that my Dad sent me.  What a reality check!  You truly won’t be able to believe how this family turned what could have been a tragedy into an incredible triumph!  Watch this and you will be inspired.  You will smile and you will cry.  One of the best stories that I have ever seen!!  I had to share this with all of you!  You will truly be so inspired by this story and show this one to your kids!  My two kiddos really appreciated seeing this…



  1. Amy Franks says:

    Love this story! It reminds me of Dick and Rick Hoyt who compete in the Iron Man. Here is a link to their story, so you can be extra inspired. (Their story starts about a minute in…)

  2. By far…. The best video, I’ve ever seen! Wow! The blessed family relationship! I’m in tears and smiling at the same time! Great share!