Weekly Pet Pic: A New Baby Boy for Bianca!

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Manic:  Me thinking about getting good posts up on the website in a timely fashion for you all to enjoy!

Managed:  My amazing team of writers who all contribute terrific content…and they do it on a volunteer basis, without any compensation!  So when one of our writers brings home a new baby boy pup, I’ve got to show him off!  Congratulations to managedmoms.com team writer, Bianca and her hubby, on the adoption of little Kona.  His picture will make you melt…

How cute is he??? So precious!

Congratulations to Bianca!  Thanks for sharing his picture with us!

Send us your cute pet pics.  We love posting them every weekend because we are big believers that our pets reduce our stress and remind us to relax….just like Kona is doing in the picture!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I’m such a proud mama:)

  2. managedmom says:

    And you should be! And he struck gold getting you and Neil for parents!!