Make Your Backyard Pop with Paint!

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Manic:  Tending to the many flowers and plants as they bloom and blossom in our lovely days of Spring that have arrived….and figuring out how to get my plants and flowers to really show up against the big brick wall that separates our yards from the others in the neighborhood.

Managed:  Finding an inexpensive and easy way to really make them pop and show up beautifully in the yard.   This is exactly what our design on a dime expert, Bridget did!  And she loves the results.  Bridget says that anyone can do this easy design on a dime project to spruce up your yard.  See what she did in her own yard recently….

Bridget says:

I recently noticed that everything in my backyard was blending together.  It was hard to see all of my pretty flowers and blooming bushes that were sprouting stunning spring time colors.  So I thought to myself…what can I do to get my flowers to stand out, without spending a fortune.  And the answer came to me….a pretty paint!

So I purchased 1 gallon of paint for $30 and a 8 piece paint kit that only cost me $9.  Then I ventured out into my yard to paint, plant, prune and clean and the results are terrific!  I think this new paint shade truly makes my flowers and cactus pop and I love how one can of paint gave my yard an easy makeover!  I also painted my grill area and my back porch ceiling.  Take a look at the pictures below to see the results, because this is something that anyone can do and it is a great design on a dime project to celebrate Spring!  Click each picture to get a closer look.

Before picture....before new paint job.



After with darker paint and I like how this looks!

Ready to paint ceiling.

After picture and I like the darker color. It looks nice.

Before picture of grill

Our grill after new paint and it looks nice!

And I did it all with one can of paint....


....and this $9 paint kit which is truly designing on a dime!

And I love the results! So relaxing and inviting! Happy Design on a Dime Spring Decorating!


  1. I’ve been wanting my husband to paint our entire back wall a dark color like that. It really does make your plants pop.

    • Thanks for your comment, Julie. I agree and the price is right! Let us know when your hubby does the paint job. We would love to share before and after pictures with our readers!