Post Flu Reflections: My New Mama Mantras!

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Manic:  Making it through 7 days with the flu last week!

Managed:  Taking stock of my renewed health and reflecting on lessons learned and how I move forward from here.

And my horoscope in the Arizona Republic was nice yesterday.  It said…

“Balance, beauty and harmony aren’t just for painters and dancers.”

And you know what?  I’ll take that!  What a lovely horoscope!  Of the three words, “balance” and “harmony” really struck me.  Isn’t that what we busy moms strive for?  Not always easy, is it?  But what a lovely daily goal and with this, I add a few post-flu wellness reflections….

My New Post Flu Mama Mantra List!

1.  When necessary, lie low and say no!  This is not to say that I won’t continue to teach Sunday school or volunteer in my daughter’s class, but I will stop saying yes so much that I soon realize that every day on the calendar is booked with volunteer work.  And I won’t feel guilty about having to say no sometimes….although this is a very hard one for me to embrace!

2.  Mom has a strict bedtime, too!  My girl always whines that it is unfair that adults get to set their own rules.  But what she doesn’t know is just how hard self-discipline can be  for a busy Mama….especially when everyone is finally in bed and the tempation to stay up late and get things done in peace overshadows that yawn.  From now on, my bedtime is 10 pm sharp.  I have done this all week and what a difference it has made!

3.  More fruits and veggies!  Why is this one so hard?  Why is it tough to get in the recommended 5 plus servings of the good stuff?

4.  Breathe, just be and breathe!

5.  Relax the mind, exercise the body!  I will return to fitness next week and I will blog about it, so hold me accountable, friends!

6.  Give myself a break!  I’ve been pretty strict with myself about imposing my own website deadlines.  I must post an article by 6am and I must do at least five a week!  Not anymore.  I will post as I go because without the pressure, blogging is quite good for me.  In fact, ladies….writing of any kind, a blog, a journal or a diary is very good for your mind.

7.  I will continue to say yes when I’m offered help.  I have either felt bad saying yes or I thought it was easier to just do it myself.  I’m getting over myself on that one now!

8.  I will take a moment each day to be thankful!  And let me do that now.  Thank you all for following this blog and I can’t thank my amazing gal pals enough for all of the support during my week-long battle with the funky flu!  I am so thankful and it fills me to have such amazing friends.

What is your good health Mama mantra?  Share with us!!


  1. I agree, Rachel! Love your post. Nothing like being “benched” for a few days to remind ourselves how lovely it is – adn necessary! – to step off the gerbil wheel every now and again. I hope you will continue to take your new mission to do less and live more in the weeks to come. My mama mantra? Ditch the guilt. What our children need most is our cheerful and happy presence. An over-committed mama barks easily and has trouble staying in the present. We count too, and deserve some R&R. Plus – we’re modeling for our children how to live in balance. Go girl!

    • managedmom says:

      Thanks Diane! I love your words!! Thank you for leaving a comment and for following the blog 🙂 Cheers to you!