My Mother’s Day Gift Came Early :)

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Manic:  After surviving the flu and then my husband’s bout with the flu, one week later, my daughter gets the flu, too!

Managed:  Doing what I have to do.  Canceling all kinds of stuff and juggling other items to take good care of my girl.  And on her first day back to school today, look what I found in my bathroom….

She left me a homemade card, fake flowers that I gave her some time ago and a DVD movie because she knows that I like Tom Hanks movies!

And look at the front of the card? Melts my heart to be loved and appreciated like this!

And the inside of the card made me tear up. My daughter is a sweetheart!


























The letter says:

Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for what you have done for me.  I wouldn’t be were (she meant to say where) I am today if it wer’t (weren’t) for your sweet and kindness.  And I know that Jack will end the same way.



P.S. Good luck with Jack, I know you’ll nail it but if you need me I’ll be there. 

She made sure that I didn’t find this until she was back at school today!  And when I did, my heart melted, I smiled and remembered that all of life’s trials are part of the journey and how blessed I am to be sharing this journey with this terrific little girl who is growing so fast, right before my very eyes!

And she mentions big brother, Jack because he is the last one standing and is the only family member who didn’t get this flu!  So we are all saying a little prayer that he continues on flu-free!

I had to share this amazing Mother’s Day gift that came early to me today.  When I saw the top of this flower pot…

….I just had to share the love!!



  1. Kim & Co. says:

    Awesome. You raised a good little gal!

  2. Bianca says:

    Teary….. I just love that you share family love and these sweet surprises! And that lil Lexi, goodness! Love that girl:)

  3. That is so sweet! Well-thought out too.