Weekly Pet Pic: A Kiss or a Secret?

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Manic:  Another crazy busy weekend with a dress rehearsal, two hockey games, getting ready to teach Sunday School and more!

Managed:  Finding time to enjoy our pets!  Check out this cute picture that I snapped of our boys.  And tell me, do you think Tucker is telling Stan a secret or giving him a kiss?

Send us your pet pictures!  We love to get them and share them every weekend.  We are big believers that our pets help to de-stress us!  Send your pet pics to [email protected].  Have a great Sunday!


  1. “I think you’re going deaf, old boy. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

  2. chylon says:

    “I figured out where she hides the catnip, pass it on!”

    • managedmom says:

      Love it, Chylon! Especially since Tucker is the one who LOVES catnip….Stan doesn’t care about it as much! Funny!