Call Me Crazy…but I Love Phoenix in the Summer & I’m Not Alone!

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Manic:  The school year!

Managed:  The summer because my kids’ schedules slow down and I can catch my breath and relax a little before the busy school year starts up again.  Maybe that is why I like Phoenix in the summer, you think?!  Well, I actually liked it even before I had kids and the crazy, busy life that comes with being a mom.  And you know what?  I liked Phoenix in the summer back when I was a carefree teenager, too.

So I guess I truly do like Phoenix in the summer!  And the funny thing is that I decided to write this post because I’ve had five different people tell me over the last couple of days that they like it, too!   And they said that to me first, without me putting this nutty idea in their heads!

Want to know why there are people like us here in our 112 degrees weather who are hot, but happy?  Read on and then tell me if you still think I’m crazy?

*Because it is a dry heat!  I know that makes most of you laugh, but I have lived and spent summers in Maryland, Houston and in Austin and I can tell you that the dry heat beats the heck out of the humidity!

*Everyone leaves town!  The freeways open up and prices come way down on our super nice resorts and pristine golf courses, which my teenage son really digs!

My girl and her friend at our recent stay at The Arizona Grand resort. Great summer rates there this time of year!

*I like that the sun rises at 5am and doesn’t set until after 8pm.  All of that daylight gives me good energy and I feel like I can get a lot done in a relaxed manner.   Plus it is easier to rise and shine in the AM with the sunlight and welcoming warm morning temps.  I find it is harder to get out of bed in the cold and dark winter mornings.

*Summer fashions are so nice and easy.  Getting dressed in the morning is simple and the styles are comfortable and breezy.  What gal doesn’t love a pretty pastel sundress with fun heels or fashionable flip flops?

*Our desert sunsets!  Some of the best in the nation.  They truly rock.


*Summer nights!  My son and I take frequent evening walks through our cactus-lined neighborhood streets.  At 9pm at night, it is a nice walk with a slight breeze from the afternoon winds that we happen to get here quite a bit at night.  I will admit that the winds blow hot air, but is is a dry heat….remember?!

*Our city is equipped for the extreme heat, so it doesn’t feel so extreme to us since we are somewhat acclimated and our stores and malls are ready for us with a nice air-conditioned entrance.

*And as my Mother says when she visits here from Maryland…she loves our big desert sky.  You can really see the stars shine here at night.  Some are sparkly and some are bold and bright.  They just light up the night sky and you can truly lose yourself for a bit just gazing up at our big ol’ desert sky!

*Last but not least, having a hot summer means that our winter will be mild and I’m all for that since I must admit that I am a cold weather wimp!

This pretty hummingbird likes Phoenix in the summer, too!

Call me crazy, but I’m telling you, I keep running into folks who comment that they don’t mind our summer at all.  Perhaps that is why, they like me, are still here in town, while a huge portion of people have left for a bit.  So I will savor my summer days, stay inside when the midday temps top out and head back out at night to admire the stunning stars in my big Arizona sky.

This and most of the other beautiful desert photos were taken by my cousin, Terri Lynn…who by the way…told me that she loves visiting Phoenix in the summer!

Does anyone else out there share my love for the summer in AZ?  Tell me here in the comments section what you like about summer in AZ?


  1. Great post! And, I totally agree.

    It really bugs me when people bag on my state because of the heat. We know how to take the heat, baby! Often times, those that run into heat related issues are those visiting and/or not taking proper precautions. The heat may get extreme a couple months out of the year but it’s better that a “wet” heat and as my grandpa used to say: “it keeps our population in check…if we didn’t have a couple months of the crazy heat, everyone would live here!”

    We have beautiful desert, some of the best sunsets found anywhere on earth, four seasons 90 minutes up the mountain, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the world renowned red rocks, no natural disasters…the list goes on and on. At the ripe (young) age of 100, we still have a lot to do!

    I am a fan….can you tell?!

  2. your picture of the sunset took my breath away. I catch glimpses of gorgeous sunsets here, but I’m peering thru the trees and can’t get a decent view. Our temperatures in Maryland have been in the 90s but feels much hotter (the humidity, of course!) So enjoy your dry desert heat and those amazing skies.