My Recent Reality Check Spoken to Me by my Child!

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Manic:  Halfway to the airport to catch our flight that was taking us all the way to Washington DC and realizing that I had left my cell phone at home!  I was embarrassed to tell my hubby that I had done that!  I couldn’t believe it myself and I didn’t want to make us late for our flight!

Managed:  Taking up our kind cousin’s offer to overnight it to us in Maryland.  Thank you Terri Lynn!  So off we went, excited to take our trip.

However, once at the airport, while waiting in the security line, I started to miss my phone, so I said out loud that “my whole life is in that phone!”  My 10-year-old daughter looked up at me and calmly said….

“Mom, your whole life is not in that phone….your whole life is right here.”

Wow, talk about a great reality check!  Out of the mouths of babes!  Words of wisdom by my child!  And that was my recent reality check and a very good one indeed!

So now, as I continue to take things at a slower pace with my kids during this summer break, I found a little sign that I had to buy…

….and it now hangs in my home office.  I look at it every day to remind myself to stop, breathe and smile.  Then I remember what my sweet child told me at the airport and I go about my day, making decisions based on my priorities.  Family first and my own ability to pace myself as a busy Mom, so that I truly enjoy these days as they are flying by fast.  I can’t believe that my son starts high school in August!  How did we get here so quickly?!

So, as my family enjoys taking life a little slower these last few weeks of summer, I am wishing all of you a slower pace as you enjoy the school break.  And when it all starts back again, with another crazy school year, just remember to stop, breathe and smile.

Now I’m signing off my computer and going back to where my entire life is kept…not in a phone, but in the hearts of my family.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Wow, talk about putting things into perspective! That’s amazing she said that.