New School Year Words of Wisdom from my 5th Grader!

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Manic:  School-aged girls with BFFs, sleepovers and more…these are the fun years, but sometimes girls can feel overwhelmed with the pressures of school and peers.

Managed:  My 10-year-old who told me that this year, she is going to live by a mantra that she coined…and I think it is a great one.  She says…

Friendship…not gossip

Fun…not drama

I love this!!

And I tell her that great gal pals are a wonderful gift in life….

I love this philosophy that she came up and with shared with me….so as we start a new school year, I share this with you.  What amazing tidbits, expressions and ideas have your kids’ pleasantly surprised you with?!  Share here in the comments section and make it a great new school year!


  1. Good luck to Alexis, a thoughtful young lady!

  2. Kim & Co. says:

    Awesome, Alexis! Have a great school year 🙂