Weekly Pet Pic: Oops…She Forgot to Hide the Evidence!

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This week’s pet pic follows the adventures of our adorable little kitten, Lucy that our daughter adopted from the shelter last May.  Lucy is thriving and has completely made herself at home….sometimes a little too much!  Last month when I found my centerpiece arrangement disturbed, it didn’t take me long to discover who the culprit was!  Take a look….

Top pic is the crime scene….and he bottom pic is the culprit!

Hmmm….she should have hid the evidence!  We are loving our fun kitty!  Our girl’s cat is so loving and sweet, too.  Adopting her was the right thing to do and I just love how my 10-year-old wanted to save a black kitty because she had heard that so many black cats are neglected and worst…mistreated.  We are here to tell you that our black cat is one of the sweetest kitties that we have ever had!

Send us your pet pics.  We love to get them and share them because we believe that our animals calm us and remind us to relax…especially on the weekends.  Have a good Sunday, everyone!


  1. A story in pictures of the animal variety!