Our Powder Room Mini Makeover

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Manic:  Our downstairs guest powder room!  After living in our home for 7 years, the wallpaper was peeling off and was filled with unsightly streaks of soap and water stains near the sink!  I dreaded it when guests needed to use the bathroom.

Managed:  Asking my family for a bathroom makeover for my birthday gift this year!  My hubby agreed and let me spend the expensive amount of money it took to hire a company to peel off the wallpaper.  I highly recommend paint over wallpaper after spending several hundred dollars to get the stuff off.  Annoying!  My parents and my in-laws sent me birthday checks that I put toward the makeover once the wallpaper came off the beat up walls.  All went pretty well, except that I forgot to take a before picture to show you, so you will have take my word that the before bathroom was pretty bad, but take a look at the after photos to see what we did.  There may even be a few fix-up tips for your future bathroom mini makeovers, too!

And I can’t forget my good friend, Julie McMillian who offered to paint my new bathroom for fun!  Since she doesn’t know how to faux finish, she became my bathroom redo consultant instead and that became the best birthday gift ever….having a good friend give me her interior design ideas.  She is quite good at it!  And my other Julie friend helped us, too!  Home decor shopping and good gal pals….now that is a fun night out!

Pardon my image in the mirror! This was simply the only way I could get the picture taken! Note the fun animal print rug. Amazing how much one rug can add. It made the bathroom stylish, cozy and more inviting!


You shouldn’t see me anymore after this pic! This shows the beautiful faux finish paint that our painter, Trinidad did and he did a great job! I highly recommend paint instead of wallpaper. And Trinidad’s boss, our friend Kevin, recommended the updated light fixtures, which I think look great!

I had noticed that my friend, Julie Ellis, had similar candle holders placed on both sides of her bathroom sink, so I copied the idea and I love how they look in my new bathroom.

Even a little detail like soap can give your bathroom a nice and clean look (no pun intended). The soap and the attractive soap holder both come from Bath & Body Works and the shape fits perfectly in the sink’s curved holder. Plus I do love the luxery line of hand soap that the store sells….we only have it in this bathroom and the rest of the house has the discounted hand soaps!

A pretty basket, that I found at Ross, houses toilet paper rolls.  I used to store extra rolls on top of the toilet in an exposed square basket, but this looks much nicer.  No more clutter in this bathroom!

My Julies told me about a great store called Kirkland’s that has all kinds of great home decor at discounted prices.  Our managedmoms.com home decor expert, Bridget had also told me about this store last year, but I hadn’t made it over there until now and I love it!  We found the rug, the candle sticks and two more very cool items at the Chandler store….

This cool picture of a bathroom sink that looks similar to mine!  Julie M. told me that she likes to decorate different rooms with pictures of that particular’s room theme.  I agree!  This is fun and looks very nice against the new faux finished paint.  And to top it all off….

This awesome Powder Room sign that I had to have!  It was on sale for $12.99 at Kirkland’s.  Julie recommended that I place it above the entrance door to the new powder room and I love it!  So do you like my new powder room?  It is amazing how a new paint job, a declutter session, a little rug, candle holders and more can turn an ordinary and worn bathroom into a polished powder room!  What are your bathroom makeover ideas?



  1. looks great!

  2. Rachel, I know you from ACT. Your bathroom makeover looks awesome! Love that you asked for it to be your Bday gift.

    • managedmom says:

      Thanks Jenny! Yep, birthdays these days are usually tied into something related to my home! My family did awesome giving me the exact gift that I really wanted!