Coupon Tips That Save You Money

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Manic:  With the changes in our health care plan, the payroll tax and more, our paycheck is smaller, so it is time for me to stay on top of our budgeting!

Managed:  Coupon expert Jenny Dean from asked if she could share a couple of coupon tips that can help us get the best bang out of our buck when using coupons.  I was interested, so here are her tips…

Jenny says:

3 Coupon Tips That Everyone Can Use

Coupons have been around for a long time, but with TLC’s show, Extreme Couponing and with all the couponing apps that are now available, couponing seems to be having a resurgence.  If you are wondering how coupons can benefit you, here are 3 tips to follow:

  1. Think of Coupons as Cash – Yep.  Stores do (okay, some cashiers make their own rules, but stores certainly do).  Just think about it – if you have a $1 coupon, that’s $1 in cash that you are not spending and you can spend on something else.
  2. Always Match Sale Prices with Coupons – In other words, if you have a coupon for $1 off a product, buy the product when it is on sale.  Think about it – if Crest toothpaste is usually $4.99, but is on sale for $2.99 and then you use a $1 off coupon, you get it for $1.99 rather than for $3.99 (if you were to buy it for full price and use a coupon). 
  3. Don’t Leave Home Without Your Coupons – The only way you can use coupons is to bring them with you.  If you can plan your trip and bring them already cut and organized, it makes your life easier as well as the cashier’s (not to mention the person behind you in line).  Rachel tells me that she regularly clips them and takes them straight to her car, where she keeps the coupons in a clear plastic bag, so that way she never forgets them and can find the ones she needs quickly since they are kept in the see-through clear zip bag.

To learn more tips and tricks, you might check out or read our eBook, Couponing for the Beginner

About our guest blogger, Jenny Dean:

Jenny Dean is the blogger over at, a site dedicated to learning how to coupon effectively.  Jenny started couponing with her mom when she was a little girl, but her couponing habit grew quite a bit when she started her own business and needed to make ends meet.



  1. Thank you, Rachel, for posting! I hope it can help save folks some money!