For A Good Cause, I Braved Singing a Fun Duet!

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Manic:  My brain as I prepared to keep my commitment and sing a fun duet with one of my Mom gal pals for our kids’ community theatre fundraiser.

Managed:  Took a voice lesson, rehearsed several times and decided that we would drink wine on stage as part of our act to calm the nerves!  Plus the Vino fit the format.  And performing with my friend was good for us ol’ moms as we remember to try new things to keep our brains engaged as we get older.  Our girls also approved and appreciated that we were helping to raise money for the Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre.  My last hurdle was making sure that my husband would be a good sport…you will understand when you see what we sang!  He loved it and even my teenage son, who was dreading seeing his Mama sing, liked it!  Whew!  So for all of you friends and family who have asked me to share the video, here it is…








  1. Congratulations, you both did wonderfully, and Rachel, you have a beautiful voice

    • says:

      Thank you so much, Pat! It was super fun and my voice did OK that night. I never know because I have a nodule on my vocal chord and bad allergies. I think the wine warmed my vocal chords right up!

  2. Liz O'Neall says:

    I had so much fun doing this with you Rachel. You rocked it!

    • says:

      You rocked it, Liz! Thank you so much for inviting me to do this with you. We are a good wine team!

  3. Trisha Stuart says:

    Rachel- you did a great job!! I’m impressed!