Weekly Pet Pic: Lucy’s Birthday Party!

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Manic:  The year that our daughter begged us for a pet and she campaigned all year long!  And when she told us that she would like to rescue a black cat because so many people walk right past the black ones, we loved her compassion and began to warm up to the idea.

Managed:  Adopting sweet little Lucy last May from the shelter program at Petco.  She has been an amazing cat and a very good pet for our girl, so when we realized that her file listed that her birthday is this week, we decided to celebrate!  Take a look at the fun pics…

First Lucy’s mom, our girl, baked her best feline friend a cake.  I love how she worked with fondant icing! She made the cake 100% by herself, without any help from me….

lucy's cake
Next she set our her presents and prepared for the party before she went to school.  Lucy waited patiently by her goods all day long for her mom to come home.  I think Lucy looks so cute in this picture…

lucy bday girl


Then finally the school day ended and the party began with Lucy donning her party hat as she enjoyed some of her favorite kitty milk…cat hat

Next she opened her presents and she really loved what her human mom selected for her…

cat party

Our lovely Lucy is all grown up now and we are thankful for all the love she brings to our family…

full grown


 Happy Birthday Lucy!


  1. That is too cute! I love the picture of Lucy waiting by her presents. Your daughter has a real talent for cake decorating. I might hire her to do Andy’s birthday cake next year.

    • ManagedMoms.com says:

      Thanks Julie! I am really proud of her this year. She has taken up cake decorating, sewing, makes good grades and of course is an excellent cat Mama!

  2. nice job, Alexis—little Lucy seems to be enjoying all the goodies her mama prepared for her.

    PS: Alexis’s grandma Dottie is impressed by Alexis’s sewing abilities as well as cake making and decorating!