Weekly Pet Post: Our Reader’s Rescued Turtle

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Meet James Caan, who was rescued by our managedmoms.com reader Chris….turtleChris is my exterminator with TruTech Pest Control and he also holds a degree in zoology.  In fact, many of TruTech’s wildlife removal and animal removal technicians have degrees in Wildlife Biology, Entomology (insects), Ornithology (birds) or Herpetology (reptiles).  So every time Chris comes to spray our home, he usually has an animal rescue adventure to tell me about and I love hearing his stories.  What a compassionate guy he is!  And once he rescues the animals that he has saved, his girlfriend gives each survivor TLC until they either place the animal or add the lucky member to their growing family of 4-legged friends.  Chris’ girlfriend also has a knack for naming their brood, too.  This guy was named James Caan because James Caan played a part in the move, “Misery” that was about a man who had hobbled legs. Chris rescued the handsome turtle after he found it fresh from an attack from some wild animals.  So Chris scooped him up and has since healed this cool guy.  Here is another picture of the turtle, James Caan happily adjusting to his new home….turtle 1Chris tells me that James C. is completely healed now, is cast free and is quite content to be living with his new family.

I have to brag about Chris….I hired a new exterminating company last  year after our garage was filled with bees one morning.  A few weeks before that, we had a scorpion hatch babies in our home.  So, I did some research and discovered that TruTech handles all kinds of pests, wildlife and just about every critter you can think of except for termites.  If you need a good exterminating company, I highly recommend TruTech and maybe you will get  as lucky as I did to have Chris sent to your home.  He is truly a pro at getting rid of the unwanted pests and he is a hero with the work he does to save, rescue, heal and place wounded animals that he regularly finds in our desert environment.  I had to brag about this cool individual who is making a difference….and keeping our home pest free!  Since we first hired Chris, I haven’t seen any more scorpions, bees or crickets.  I love that!

Thank you Chris for sending in your pictures of James Caan.  Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them and post them every weekend to honor the animal members of our families.  Email your pet pic to [email protected].  Check out the awesome variety of pet pics that we have received.  At that link, which is filed under the Pet Pics tab of our site, you can scroll down to see all kinds of pet photos that our readers have sent in to us.  We love it.

We wish you and your pets a great weekend.

No compensation was provided by TruTech for this story.  Chris is my exterminator and I wanted to brag about what a cool animal hero he is to our wildlife.