My Daughter’s Summer To Do List That Included Some Unexpected & Sweet Surprises

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Manic:  Keeping bored kids busy during summer break and then once their summer camps do start, life is manic again because you are back on a schedule.  It can be hard to find a balance between relaxing summer days and busy camp days.

Managed:  I never thought of just asking my child if she had some things that she would like to accomplish during her summer break.  And in fact, I didn’t….I just found her posted summer to do list in her room today.  I love some of her ideas and I would have never dreamed that she wanted to learn a new language.  I especially like that she wants to do some volunteer work, too.  Take a look at her list, that pleasantly surprised me….and in case you can’t read it, I wrote it out below the picture.  Oh and I love her typos because it reminds me that she even though she is changing daily and headed to middle school, she isn’t too grown up yet 🙂


Summer to – do list (just as I found it, with my comments in parentheses) in my girl’s room, taped to her mirror)…

*finish play (she is currently in the Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre “High School Musical” production)

*do some charity work (I love this one)

*learn a new language (this one took me by surprise)

*take a Red Cross baby-sitting course (great idea)

*learn a front walkover (another surprise)

*spend one day doing arts and crafts (I can make that one happen)

*design a fashion show with friends (very cool)

So there you have it….a tween’s list of ideas for summer fun.  So do what I didn’t do and ask your kid what they have in mind for the summer.  Some of their answers may really surprise you.  Have your kids given you a list like this one?  Tell us about in the comments section.  I love to hear how their creative minds think and I love to share ideas.   Happy summer!




  1. Shay Moser says:

    Neither of my kids (7 and 9) know, but this post gives me some food for thought, Rachel. I want to help them think about goals and how to reach them.

  2. Maryanne Mildner says:

    Great list!

    Is a “front walkover” a dance?

    • says:

      A front walkover is a gymnastics move that is a handstand that goes all the way over and lands on the feet one at a time….hence the name “walk over” 🙂