This Week’s Pet Pics Honors A Sweet Scooter Dog

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Several of our readers have written us when their beloved pet passes away.  It has been our honor at to pay tribute to that special family member, so when our reader Jodie wrote in to tell us about the passing of her special dog named Scooter, we quickly agreed to dedicate today’s pet pic to Scooter and celebrate her life with her human’s words….posed pup

Jodie says:

Scooter’s story….

In 1997 we got our dog, little Mickey.  He had a bad habit of chewing our sofa and our breeder suggested getting a companion for him.  Within a few weeks, we chose little Scoot to join our family.  There were many pups in the pen, crying and climbing to get free.  Scooter was on her butt, looking up at us with her little tongue stuck between her teeth.  scoot 1She could not understand what all the fuss was about.  We fell in love, and after a week struggling to name her, her brother Mickey was chasing her around the house and we noticed that she ran like a Greyhound, scooting with her tail between her legs.  Hence her name, little Scooter.  

She and Mickey were a joy to have in our lives, spunky and mischievous, always full of the energy that Jack Russells are known for.  They loved swimming and cuddling under the covers and they enjoyed the occasional howl.

Howling together :)

Howling together 🙂

swim dogs
Her passing marks the end of an era in our lives, and we know we were truly blessed to have her as part of our family.  She is with Mickey now, herding all of the other JR’s in puppy heaven.  A big piece of my heart died with her.  I am sure, after some time has passed, another pup in need of a loving home will find his or her way into my dog loving heart.  play pup

photo (8)Thanks for the memories, my little Scoot Boot…Momma will miss you!bath_time_pup