Sometimes It Takes an Injured Ankle To Slow a Mom Down!

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Manic:  Apparently me in high heels since I have once again sprained my ankle….but this time it was  my good ankle (good and bad news)!

Managed:  Accepting the fact that, as one of my Facebook pals put it, the universe is telling me to slow down. But I don’t want to…well maybe I do a little!

If you read my busy family post a few days ago about the 101 million activities that my teen and tween have become a part of this school year, then you know that us, like a lot of families I know, have become busier than previous school years, which I didn’t think was possible.  I had also mentioned that my girl was running for student council and guess what….that has now been added to the  list, too.   Congrats to our girl who ran the last two years and finally was elected this year (if only it wasn’t already such a busy year)! student council

We have now told her that show choir, a featured part in Annie over the next two weekends, her studies, broadcast club, yearbook photographer and student council will just about do it for now.  We are very proud of her because so far, she is keeping it all organized and under control.  It is me that is feeling overwhelmed and understaffed for the busy mom job at hand! Hubs has been helping as much as he can, but he has also been sick with a bad sinus infection and has had some big work projects to tackle.

Our son also enjoyed a busy weekend with high school golf, his hockey game, a team BBQ and his first Homecoming that made this Mama a little teary eyed.  However, I kept the tears in check until the cameras stopped clicking and I was down the road where my emotions wouldn’t embarrass him.  Can you blame me? Look how nice they look…
Homecoming Jack
I made sure to get one of me with my handsome guy, too of course.  How did 16 years get here so fast?!
me and my homecoming boy
Now back to my ankle….hours after the Homecoming send-0ff and after my daughter’s third Annie show this weekend at the Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre, I just couldn’t call it a day when I should have known better.  I should have known to stop and sit and to let the messy house go with this crazy busy weekend in full swing. As the doctor said to me today, I should have waited for my teenager to come home to take out the trash in the dark.  But no, I couldn’t look the other way and I just had to take out the trash…in my high heels…in the dark.  Even though they are orthotic high heels, they couldn’t protect me from myself!

So off I went into the darkness and soon after I stepped out the door, the trash went flying and I went down. Unfortunately,  my ankle went up….way up with swelling and pain, as you can see in this not-so-pretty pic…ankleDon’t you love my cool cat in the background keeping my injured ankle company?!

So off to Urgent Care I went and it is not broken, but sprained.  urgent careIt is actually looking better this afternoon than it did this morning, I’m happy to report.

Now I sit here, being forced by the universe to slow down. My girl is at her cast party and my boy is headed to the team BBQ, but me and my wounded ankle will prop up for now and I will try to remember to go a little slower this week. Thank goodness for Advil and the bandage that keeps my foot protected as I hobble into next week’s busy calendar that starts tomorrow.

Someday I will miss these days, right?!


  1. At least it wasn’t your right ankle or you would have had problems driving.

    • says:

      I am feeling very grateful about that, Julie! I have injured my driving ankle three times in the last 30 years, so I am very happy that it was my good ankle this time!

  2. Forgot to also add that Jack and his date look so cute! I love the black and purple combination.

    • says:

      Thanks! I thought he looked so cute, too. I really enjoyed seeing him off to his first dance 🙂

  3. Jared Hawkes says:

    Ouch! Looks like the ankle hurt. Sorry to see that.

    Jack and his date look fantastic!

  4. Kate Crowder says:

    Yikes, that sounds like it was really painful especially wearing heels. I sprained mine recently as well, for the first time in my life actually. Did you cry when you rolled it? (didn’t notice this was almost a year old I apologize!)

    • says:

      No, I didn’t cry since I had previously broken my ankle three times in my life! I was actually thankful that it wasn’t that same ol ankle and this actually healed pretty quickly. Hang in there with your ankle, Kate! Sorry to hear that!

      • Kate Crowder says:

        Oh wow, I can’t imagine breaking my ankle let alone three times. You’ve gotta be one tough cookie! I did the same thing as you did I went out to the garage to hand the garbage to my 17 yo son soon as I went out the door I stepped down onto a pair of old boots making my ankle roll inwards and pop. I just must have a low pain tolerance because that was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt. I laid there and cried. I couldn’t put weight on it or anything I thought I broke it, had to have my son bridal carry me into the house and wait for my hubby to get home with the car. It was embarrassing. haha Anyways thank you, I’m almost completely healed up. Take care and try not to break your ankle again! As painful as my sprain was I can’t imagine how frustrating a break would be.

      • says:

        Glad to hear that your ankle is healing quickly and don’t be embarrassed because they say a lot of injuries happen right at home, so I’m sure we are not alone in how we injured our ankles!