Creepy Scorpion Encounter Contest Spreads Scorpion Awareness

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Manic:  If you live in Arizona, chances are you have had a chance encounter with one of those creepy critters that no one likes called scorpions.  We have had a few in our home, not too many…knocking on wood right now!  Last year I wrote an article about how our three fearless felines saved me from a sneaky scorpion. See that story here.

Managed:  Decided to welcome Jim LaBrie’s, owner of Bug & Weed Martkind offer to write a guest post for managedmoms about how to protect our family from these dreaded and unwelcome potential pests….the evil scorpion.  And he is holding a pretty clever (icky, but clever) contest with a $1,000 grand prize for the entry who has the creepist scorpion encounter story.  Here are the details and Jim’s expert advice about those dreaded and scary scorpions…

scorpion-largeJim says:

Phoenicians are experiencing an early start to scorpion season after one of the warmest winters on record. As a result, the chances of running into a scorpion this summer are fairly high; unless you take the proper precautions.

To protect your home and family from scorpions, consider the following:

Be in the know:

Before getting too concerned, it is valuable to know the enemy you may fear. There are about 90 species of scorpions in the United States, and approximately 40 reside in Arizona.

While it is true that a scorpion sting can be dangerous, most scorpion stings are harmless. The Bark Scorpion is the most common scorpion found in Arizona and is the most venomous. The Bark Scorpion is also very agile; it can crawl up smooth walls and on high ceilings. While its sting is rarely fatal, it can cause extreme pain, convulsions, breathing difficulties and numbness lasting up to 72 hours. The Bark Scorpion poses the most danger to  young children, infants and adults over 80.

Simple steps to keep your home scorpion free:

The best way to protect yourself and your family from potential harm is by reducing the opportunities for pests to make your home theirs.

  • Make sure areas surrounding the house are free of debris.
  • Sprinkle preventative granules around the perimeter of your home 4 times a year, especially in areas with river rock or gravel.
  • If you frequently find scorpions in or near your house, apply spray to the outside walls of the home, including the perimeter of doors, window frames, walkways and patios.
  • Apply an inside spray along baseboards and doorframes twice a year

Scorpions will always call the desert home, but that doesn’t mean you will have to invite them into yours.

To help raise awareness about scorpions, we are asking residents of Maricopa County to share their creepiest scorpion encounter. If you have ever screamed from the sight of a scorpion or, worse yet, experienced its numbing sting, consider sharing your story and participating in the Creepiest Scorpion Contest. The contest winner will receive $1,000 for their submission.


Tell us about your scorpion encounter:

To participate, submit a brief written description of your creepiest scorpion encounter in 250 words or less, and include an original photo or video. The video can provide an up-close look at the actual scorpion, a theatrical reenactment of the encounter, or a retelling of the creepy story. Contestants are encouraged to make entries creative and compelling.

The deadline for submission is midnight Wednesday, June 25, 2014. No purchase or fees are required to enter. For complete contest instructions and rules visit


Do you want to see some of the creepy entry pictures so far?  Look down or look away…ugh!


Erin Lynn  scorpion photo

Erin Lynn scorpion photo submission






Jamie Infantolino's photo

Jamie Infantolino’s submitted photo


About our guest writer:

Jim LaBrie is the owner of Bug & Weed Mart, a do-it-yourself retail chain that specializes in bug and weed prevention. To learn more about pest prevention and protection you can visit or on Facebook