AZ Local: Those Pesky Scorpions Could Win You $500!!!

Unfortunately scorpion season has arrived here in Phoenix, BUT that pesky evil critter could maybe win you $500 cash, so read on to see this very unique contest that could potentially turn your scorpion story into cash! “ULTIMATE SCORPION HUNTER CHALLENGE” OFFERS ULTIMATE PRIZE Bug & Weed Mart, the Valley do-it-yourself retailer specializing in pest and […]

Tackling the Zika Virus: What Moms Should Know

On Sunday, I looked out my bedroom window and saw a huge mosquito.  I was so relieved that it was on the outside of the window.  Even here in Phoenix with our sunny dry desert climate, we still get those pesky little pistols that seem to find me and my daughter especially tasty.  I immediately […]

Creepy Scorpion Encounter Contest Spreads Scorpion Awareness

Manic:  If you live in Arizona, chances are you have had a chance encounter with one of those creepy critters that no one likes called scorpions.  We have had a few in our home, not too many…knocking on wood right now!  Last year I wrote an article about how our three fearless felines saved me […]

Travel Alert: Protect Your Family From Bed Bugs

Manic:  Summer travel is fun, but it can be manic for the Mom (or Dad) doing the planning.  So much to do, packing, budgeting, planning  plus the worries about sunburn, bug bites and don’t forget the dreaded and very unwelcome bed bugs that can come home with you.  Ugh! Managed:  Decided to welcome Jim LaBrie’s, […]

Bugged By Bugs? What To Do About Our Desert Pests

Manic:  The number of Facebook posts that I noticed the last few weeks that talked about the unwelcome visitors that have arrived with the Spring season.  It seems like everyday I’m reading about scorpion sightings, worries about bee stings, black widows and more.  Speaking of those three pests, in the 8 years that we have […]