AZ Local: A Mixed Wet n’ Wild Review Written By My Tween & Me

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***Be sure to read the comments below to see additional information about Wet n Wild that we didn’t know about.  Thanks Kim!*** We love when readers leave feedback!

Manic:  Keeping tweens entertained and active during the very hot dog days of summer here in Phoenix.

Managed:  Letting my daughter choose and plan a day.  She also asked me if she could write the review about one of the places she selected since we both left with mixed feelings about the facility.  We also both agree that there are a few things you should know before you go to Wet n’ Wild in Phoenix.

My girl did a good job selecting two places that are close to each other and both offered different types of entertainment. First we went to Castles n Coasters, the small amusement park that has been a Phoenix fun spot since I was a teenager.

Castles n Coasters attractions

Castles n Coasters attractions

Admission was only $24.99 a person with free parking and the grils really enjoyed the zip line and roller coaster.

wet n wild

Wet n Wild photo from the Wet n Wild website.

Next was a stop at Wet n’ Wild and I have a few things to tell you about this water park that you will want to know before you go.   Then read on for my daughter’s comments (which impressed me, I must say).  First my review…

Mom’s Review:

*Wet n’ Wild is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, so if you were thinking that you could drop your tweens off and then run a few errands, think again.  At Castles n Coasters, I could run right next door to the long standing Metro Center Mall to get a few things I needed.  Not so at Wet n Wild, which is located in the Maricopa County’s Adobe Dam Regional Park near the border of Phoenix and Glendale, just West of I-17 on Pinnacle Peak Road.  So once we arrived, I resigned myself to doing my freelance work at the water park’s snack bar area.

*You will have to pay if  you want to play here.  I was shocked to have to pay an $8 parking fee just to be able to park my car at the water park.  And since there is no where else to park outside of the facility, you  have no choice but to cough up the parking dough.

*I complain about this because admittance is not cheap, so I assumed that parking would be included in my $40 adult ticket price.  Yep,  I paid $40 just to go in and sit in the snack bar and do my freelance work.  I was on several deadlines (and am very grateful to have the freelance work) so I sucked it up.  But guess what….no wireless is provided, so that was indeed another negative surprise to me.  I did ask if the $40 admittance fee could be waived since I wasn’t going to partake in the water activities.  They declined that request, so I paid my money and settled in.

*Here is some good news…buy your tickets online at Wet n Wild’s website  and save up to $20 off the admission ticket.  You can also buy that pesky $8 parking ticket online, but no discounts are offered online.  Prices for admission are $39.99 for general admission; $29.99 for children under 42″; $29.99 for seniors aged 65 and over and kids 2 and under are free.

*You will also want to bring some snack and water money and money for a locker, which I highly recommend.  Lockers cost $8, $9 and $10 depending on which size you rent.

So now you know what a day at Wet n Wild will cost you…$40 for the ticket; $8 for parking, $8 for locker and another…let’s say $20 for water and snacks.  So make sure you plan on spending around $70 for an average of one kid.

Did the tween water park reviewers think the park was worth the cost?  Read on for Lexi’s review….

My view from my laptop.  Happy tweens water parked while I works!

My view from my laptop. Happy tweens water parked while I worked…it works!

The tween’s review (her exact words): 

Hey guys, Lexi here.  So I’m rating Wet n Wild a 7 out of 10 for fun and a 3 out of 10 for the experience.  First of all I arrived kind of later in the day, so I didn’t exactly get to go on almost every single ride, but I went on enough to give the place an overview.

Wet n Wild is by far the biggest and best water park of them all in Phoenix.  The rides are very thrilling if you’re a thrill seeker (like me) but if you’re not,  they have something for you, too. I think my favorite was the Tornado, though it was short, I enjoyed the medium sized drop and the fun of swaying back and forth.

My favorite, The Tornado!

My favorite, The Tornado!

So if you do go make sure you try that one as well as Desert Racers, Mammoth Falls, and Raging River.

Now my experience about the slides. The pools were very clean (I didn’t see any floating band aids, so I think that was a good sign).

I do have to say that everything was overpriced, admission is $40 per person, and two regular Dip n Dots ice cream treats was $10.81!  Oh and did I mention its $8 just to park!!!

The thing that frustrated me the most was when I had just waited 45 minutes for the Mammoth Falls ride (and I was so close to getting on), but then the park employees told everyone that we have to get out of line because they had a pool issue and it was going to take 30 minutes to fix.  So we all leave with nothing to prove that we had just waited 45 minutes for a ride, nothing that would help us get back to where we were when it opened again, NOTHING!!! Talk about 50 steps forward, 50 steps back. So If you do go to Wet n Wild, make sure you come with a fat wallet and urge to have some fun. Thanks for reading my review.




  1. “In the middle of nowhere” cracked me up since this is right near my house. Since I always tease you for living in the boonies, I got a good chuckle!

    It is pricey and the parking fee is a joke. But a few tips if you go again. For $20 more you can get a season pass that includes parking and buddy passes (I know it’s far for you, not sure if you would use more than once). Going right when they open is a must – the crowds are thin and lines much shorter. Don’t go on weekends.

    Also, there is a Starbucks and several restaurants about a half mile away and Norterra (a large shopping center) is just across the freeway if you find yourself in the work situation again and don’t want to get stuck with the admission fee again.

    It is by far the best water park in the Valley – so glad Alexis got to experience it. Great job on the review! Would love to see one on Castles and Coasters, too.

    • says:

      Awesome feedback! Thank you very much for setting me straight on a few of our points. I love when readers leave comments that benefit us as parents. And of course, I chuckled about my location comment, too….thanks Kim!

      Castles n Coasters review coming soon!

  2. I would write a letter to management at Wet and Wild addressing your concerns, especially how they handle the line with broken rides. I can feel your frustration. Great reviews!

    • says:

      I actually did voice my concerns to a manager when I was there and they agreed with me on a few points, but that is the way it is there. For the most part, we did like it, though. Thanks for leaving a comment, Julie. I appreciate that!