Tween Tips from a Tween on Balancing a Busy Bee Life!

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Manic:  Our kids’ busy schedules.  Were we this busy when we were kids?!  I don’t think so.  My daughter is a go getter and she takes on a lot and challenges herself with a slightly perfectionist personality that she works on balancing.  Last year she balanced show choir, three musical productions (both in school and with her beloved Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre), student council, honors courses, yearbook photographer, broadcast club, dance and voice lessons that included two recitals and volunteering in our church nursery and earning the #1 top fundraising spot for a holiday drive that was done with her middle school.  And this year is shaping up to be just as busy for her so far!

Managed:  Coming to the realization that with this spirited go getter, it is best for me to step aside and let her do her thing with a little gentle guidance and direction from me and her Daddy when needed.  I am so proud of how she works hard to guide herself.  This year she has asked to add “blog contributor” to her achievments, so here is another installment from Lexi and this is a good one called Managing the Life of a Busy Bee.  Take it away, Lexi….(and as always, this has very little edits from me)….

Lexi says:

head shot



Managing the life of a busy bee

You can ask anyone, and they’ll let you know that I’m a busy bee. How do I do it you ask?  Well let me start off by saying that I don’t take any magic pill and it’s not that I’m different from anyone else. The secret is really basic and easy, and that secret is simply staying healthy.

Staying healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but staying healthy can sometimes be hard to do.  Try your very best to get to bed on time and make sure you get the right amount of sleep that is recommended for your age group.

Also try to stay on task.  For me, TV is one of my greatest enemies because it pulls me in so easily and by the time I realize that I have homework, it’s already 10 pm!  So if you have a busy work day ahead, hide the remote from yourself (LOL).

Another tip that helps drastically is not getting sick. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Thank you Captain Obvious,”….but I’m serious…getting sick does no good for you and puts you behind.  So take a vitamin every day and wash your hands.

Finally don’t stress, this one is maybe one of the most important points because this is what gets you sick and off task. If you’re stressed about something, you need to relax, breathe, and look at the positives to give yourself confidence.  If you look at the negatives, you’re probably not going to get very far.  Just be smart about what you are taking on and believe you can do it.

Well that’s my advice, so thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time:).



  1. maryanne mildner says:

    good writing Alexis and the content was superb (applying to adults as well as kids.) TV can really be the enemy when it comes to getting the evening projects done. Suddenly you’ve watched a couple shows and your night is gone!

    I record what I really, really want to watch. And when I need to just sit and be still (like nursing a burn with cold water and aloe, or maybe soaking aching feet in a foot bath.) That’s when TV actually can help. Other than that, not much.

    • says:

      I agree that this can apply to adults as well, so if she is learning about time management and healthy habits now, hopefully she will be ahead of the game as she grows up 🙂

      I also like your recording idea. That is what I do, too.