A Must See In This Over The Top Technology World We Live In!

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This really got my attention.  The world we live in is very different from when I was a kid and technology, smart phones, tablets, social media and more have changed the tricky business of parenting.  But I must also admit, that I have found myself drawn to it and it is like the computer screen is a magnet that takes me away from my family.  So the next time I find myself glued to my keyboard for more minutes than I’m sharing with my family or the next time I find myself looking down at my phone instead of looking up at my family…and my pets, too….I’m gonna remember this cool video that makes a lot of simple sense.  Take a look….



  1. That was so powerful Rachel! I want to meet that artist now. He was amazing. And spoke a truth in such a effective way. Very smart. Very creative. Thanks.

    • ManagedMoms.com says:

      I so agree, Marlene. And I do like the creative way in which he shares this very important message!

  2. maryanne mildner says:

    annie and i had just came in from the beautiful fall day beyond these walls, and then I’m sitting at the computer watching the screen when coming across this message from the artist. “Wow” was all I could say. Then the thought flashed thru my mind: “other people feel this way, too.” Great, but I doubt if it changes anything; THe media is the message. (It was said in a profound book some 40 years ago)–now look at us!

    Oh well, think I’ll go plug in my iphone, then start reading and deleting the endless emails…or maybe NOT!

    PS: thanks Rachel; this was a gem.