Taylor Swift Show Did More Than Entertain…She Touched Hearts

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In this world where so many celebrities choose to be obnoxious and to not be role models, Taylor Swift is a refreshing example of the good way to be, especially in light of being a public figure.  I had heard about her numerous charitable acts and sincerity.  I had heard that she follows many of her fans and pays attention to blogs and people who are out there making a difference.  And I learned that it is all true about Taylor Swift. on pianoI got to experience it firsthand when my daughter and I attended her concert on Monday night here in the Phoenix area.

You may have heard about what she did because it made national news.  With this performance, she helped to raise awareness about childhood cancer…and cancer in general….with her emotional song called “Ronan” that she wrote.  And get this…the album lists her co-writer as Ronan’s mom, Maya Thompson, who lives here in the Phoenix area.

You see Taylor followed Maya’s blog called Rockstar Ronan during his battle with cancer, which took him at only 4 years of age.  ronan-eyesAll sales from the proceeds of this song go to various cancer charities, including the Ronan Thompson Foundation.  So Taylor and her guitar performed this song that made many of us in the audience cry. With that, I share her performance for you to see.  I just donated to the Ronan Thompson Foundation and I continue to send healing prayers to all of those fighting cancer.

Taylor also reminded the audience to lift those who are fighting all kinds of battles.  And include Taylor’s mother in your prayers as she is battling cancer.  A huge thank you to Taylor Swift for a being a pop star that is making a difference and setting the right example for our kids.  She is truly using her status and success to make a difference in this world.  Just google all that she does for charities.  Too bad we don’t have more Taylors as stars for our kids to truly look up to….literally.  Here is her song that we saw live from the Glendale, August 17th show.  It will touch your heart….


  1. That was beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. maryanne Mildner says:

    listened with my eyes closed. beautiful. very powerful. thanks