My Surprise College Care Package For Mom!

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With my firstborn counting down to his big dorm move-in day that happens just three short weeks from now, my mind has been filled with visions of fun care packages to send to him and to his roommate.

A few years back when I took those daily easily accessible hugs for granted!

From this… this!

…to this!

Fun stuff, yummies, helpful items and simple things to make him smile and think of us as he embarks on his big new journey called college life!  So imagine my surprise when two of my beloved gal pals surprised me with a care package for the mom of this college bound kid.  For yours truly.  For me!  Really?!  Why and how cool is that?!  gal pal college mom care kitWell it is because they have been down this sending-your-kid-off-to-college road before.  Just last year in fact they said their goodbyes, which they tell me, will be both joyful and tearful.  So as awesome women do so often, they look out for each other, embrace and even help to prepare that gal pal for what is to come.  I am so thankful for my girls!  These two cuties, Melissa and Amy, showered me with a few things that made me smile, laugh and touched my heart. My heart, they tell me, is about to go through a bit of a transition come August 12th, my son’s move out of our home day.  So if you have a pal who is soon sending her kid off to college, check out what my pretty pals gave me because it is a wonderful idea to share!  Love these items…

  1.  ASU flip flops!  asu flip flopsLove love these and this gift not only made me smile and got my feet in the spirit…and I also felt youthful with some college swag of my own.  This is part of my life and part of my experience as a mom, too. Mostly about my kid (rightly so) but a little fun and spirit for me, too.
  2. Bubble Bath! bubble bath

And the note my pals put on this cute bubble blowing with wand bath wash says, “For washing away your tears” and oh do I love that sentiment.  Because I do happen to take baths to escape my stress and the delicate balance of washing away and owning the tears is part of the motherhood journey that takes us by surprise at times. Love this, will use this and will enjoy this!

3.  Kleenix of course!

4.  Stationary 

5.  Tupperware other sweet items

6.  WINE!  Ha!  Can’t forget the wine and their perfect note, “Because wine”….yes please!  Right on!

Their notes are so clever!  Kleenix “for dorm move-in day” of course! On the letterhead, “For the letters you’ll send” and yes I will send a few.  I hear that the kids really do read them and like them even if it seems they are off to the college life with little thought of the parents.  And last but not least, good ol tupperware with the sign, “For the care packages he’ll expect”…love it!  Will do!

But boy, I didn’t expect a care package for Mom.  For me.  How nice.  So nice!  So appreciated!  So loved! So a part of this next stage that really touched me and embraced my heart!

Thanks ladies!  Thanks pals!

If your good friend is about to send one off to college and you want to show your support, do this!  She will be shocked and will love it.

Oh and my favorite part?!  What the ladies wrote in my card.  Two of my favorite excerpts…card to me“….mostly, happy tears!  “You will make it through with a smile, because that is just what you do! But when you feel the bitter part of this bittersweet time, know that we are with you and understand.”

XO Amy

“…hang in there, Mama as this is what you all have been working towards for 18 years” (then she drew a heart which I can’t type in here)

XOXO Melissa

Exactly girls.  That is exactly right!  From these moms’ heart to mine to all of you out there getting ready for this milestone!  We send you our hearts and maybe you will get a little care package, too.



  1. Jennifer says:

    So fun and sweet!