Jack’s Graduation Video: A Look Back at my Favorite Part of 2016

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For my faraway family and pals, our holiday letter says that if folks want to see my labor of love, the gratitude life video that I put together for Jack’s graduation back in May, check my blog.  So here it is for those looking for it.  I have been told to warn that some may need a tissue because my mama heart took over more than once as I created this video celebrating our first born’s first 18 years. So much fun!  I just watched it again, after not seeing it for five months and the tears fell!  My favorite parts are the little sister chapter, the grandparents chapter, the milestones and the cool surprise at the very end.


  1. Sophia Wong says:

    What a video you put together for Jack who is so lucky to have a talented mom. Thank you for sharing and I enjoyed the entirety of the milestones of his life. Jack is obviously brought up in a loving family. His achievements, besides his talents and efforts, are firmly based on the strong caring support of the family which is such an important part of anyone’s life. It is a blessing to have such complete wonderful family, Rachel. The best to you and loved ones in 2017.

    • ManagedMoms.com says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, Sophia! Putting that video together was my labor of love and I enjoyed it so much. I am wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!