Freebie Friday Winner!

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So, who is today’s Freebie Friday winner??  What did our winner win? Keep on reading!!  And remember if you are a subscriber, then you are automatically entered in our weekly drawing for great prizes that include beauty items, cookware,  jewelry and more!  Lots of cool stuff!

Now, let’s announce this week’s lucky winner….

This week’s Freebie Friday winner is:

Gail Tabb from Mesa, AZ!!!

(winner drawn through

Congrats to Gail! Gail wins a yummy snack box from the awesome vegan, gluten free and super tasty Nana Joes Granola line!  I love Nana Joe’s and I blogged about all the different ways the scrumptious granola can enhance a recipe or be a meal in the morning, too.  Great and good stuff! I am pretty impressed with the wholesome and real food ingredients.  Plus, I adore that this stuff is handmade in San Francisco! So Gail gets her own box to try Nana Joe’s for herself!  She also wins a pretty bling bracelet that is sold at Teresa’s Creative Gifts  Be sure to check out Teresa Creative Gifts on Facebook to see the many unique items and gifts that are available.   

Congrats to Gail for winning!  And thank you so much to subscribing to this blog.

We appreciate it!

And we will have more great prizes next week, so stay tuned for that and become a subscriber to be automatically entered in the weekly drawing that we do through!


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A huge thank you to Nana Joe’s Granola and to Teresa’s Creative Gifts for providing such nice prizes for our winner today!