24 Hour Mom’s Day Gift Giveaway Winner!!

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This was the fastest giveaway drawing that we have ever done and we had a lot of entries!  Love it!  Thanks for entering!  So who is our lucky winner today?!?!

First here are the terrific prizes…

This beautiful, reversible and versatile crystal centerpiece necklace from KIS-Jewelry 

AND this cute and sweet little mom desktop block sign!  It is loving and it is a fun home or office decor piece, too!  I love the small square size! 

And that’s not all!  The winner also gets this very nice foot cream and fuzzy soft sock set, too! 

So who is our lucky gal?!?!  The winner (winner drawn through random.org) is…..

Pam Bridge from Phoenix, AZ!!!!  Congrats Pam!!!

Stay tuned for more great giveaway drawings when I return in a few weeks.  I am off to see my own sweet Mama! Happy Mother’s Day out there!


  1. Pamela Bridge says:

    Thank you so much! I never win anything! What awesome prizes!