Quick Tip: Best Podiatrist In The World Is Mine

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Quick tip – Need a podiatrist?  Look no further than mine, Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. Jon Beecroft with Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center!  He is the best in the world.  I can say this because I have a lot of experience with all kinds of foot ailments!  I broke my ankle three times over 30 years plus two additional injuries so my beat-up feet require a lot of medical care as I age.  I can tell you that Dr. Beecroft (Dr. B) has treated me for an injured foot, Pseudogout (that was an incredibly painful condition), plantar fasciitis and an infection in my toenail after an accident that left a big piece of tree bark under my toenail (crazy true story).  Most recently he treated me for a big cyst that has been living on the nerves inside my foot.  That hasn’t been fun. Again, I say that the best podiatrist in the world is my own.  The numerous pals I have sent to him all call me to thank me and to agree that Dr. B is the best.  Here is why…

That’s my foot and that’s my top doc!

*How he has treated the cyst in my foot.  After keeping an eye on the cyst in my foot with check-ups and ultasound several times, I called him again to tell him that it had started to really hurt.  A lot of times if a ganglion cyst is painless, nothing needs to be done.  We discussed draining the cyst and decided that was the course of action I wanted to take.  Dr. B drained the large cyst that has been living on my nerves (and getting on my nerves) in my right foot.  The first thing he did was check it with an ultrasound.  He always includes his patients in every step of the process.  He showed me the cyst on the ultrasound first so that we both could agree that it was sizable enough and was not shrinking.  We have been watching it for the last year.  It got a lot bigger recently and was causing me pain, especially when I had to apply the brakes driving.  That’s not good.  He told me exactly how he was going to drain it.  I told him that I failed to eat breakfast so he gave me a lollipop to get a little sugar in my system to keep me from getting woozy, just in case.  That was so nice!  He then explained that he would numb the area first.  As the numbing needle was inserted, he explained the exact sensations I would feel.  Then he gave it some time to take effect.  When I could still feel the tip of the draining needle, he patiently waited and gave me a little more numbing agent and more time.  Finally, the needle went in and I felt very little.  I was very comfortable.  We were both surprised just how much fluid ejected from the cyst.  Dr. B. then showed me the fluid and told me that the clear shade meant that the cyst is harmless and benign, just as he had expected.  He also explained that there is a 30% chance that the draining procedure will rid my foot of the cyst.  If it returns, we will consider surgery.  If I need that, you better believe it will be Dr. Beecroft that I have perform it!

*He doesn’t believe in causing pain.  Over the years, each cortisone shot he administered to me was started with a numbing agent. The horror stories I had heard about the excruciating pain of a cortisone shot (especially in the feet) had me scared.  Dr. B reassured me that he would not torture me and that he would take the time to numb the area first.  Why doesn’t every podiatrist do this?!

*He tries all-natural remedies first if the patient requests that.  You can read my article here about how he treated my plantar fasciitis with all-natural remedies as I requested instead of cortisone.

Dr. B wrapped my foot like a dancer’s foot combined with ultrasound treatments and other natural remedies that worked!  See the whole story here

It worked!  I didn’t need the cortisone shot until I had the recent cyst situation.

*He checks on his patients and follows up.  My Pseudogout condition (you can read my story about that awful experience here) sent me to the ER and he called me the next day to see how I was doing.  He is a top-notch doc with a good bedside manner.  You don’t see that every day.

*His staff loves him, too.  Whenever I have an appointment (and I’ve had a lot with my numerous foot ailments), I always comment that he is the best doc and the entire staff tells me that he is also very nice to work with and to work for.  That says a lot.

I could go on and on about why Dr. Beecroft is the best.  I have heard too many foot treatment horror stories, so after my appointment to drain my cyst went so well last week, I decided to share this post with Dr. B’s info.  As expected, my foot was a little bruised and sore the first two days after the procedure.  By the third day, I was running around like my old self again.  Yay!  If you are in need of a good podiatrist/surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Beecroft!