Mom Approved Remedies For Beauty Winter Woes

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Manic:  Winter weather everywhere that does a number on your skin, hair and more.  Here in the Arizona desert, we get fickle weather with chilly temps one day followed by warm temperatures the next and that does a number on our skin and more.

Managed:  Decided to ask my gal pals what their favorite winter remedies are when it comes to beauty and their families dry skin, cracked hands and more.  I got some terrific answers, so take a look…




  1. I’ve been using dryer sheets for static in my hair for years. It really is the best cure and it leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh. Another good hand lotion is Camille Beckman. Hallmark stores and gift shops sell it or you can order it online. It comes in a variety of scents. One of the main ingredients is glycerin which is very moisturizing.

    • says:

      Thanks Julie. I agree with you about the dryer sheets and I am anxious to try the Camille Beckman, so thanks for that, too!