A Plantar Fascittis Guide

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Whenever I blog about my own medical experiences, I always get a good response from my readers, so when I received an opportunity to share this information about dealing with the frustrating plantar fasciitis foot condition, I was happy to do it.  I suffered from this painful ailment a few years ago and by following some of the suggestions below, I have been pain-free ever since.  I was able to avoid a cortisone injection and healed my own foot with the help of a physician and several at-home remedies.  You can see my personal story here.

If you have experience with this painful condition, share your story in the comments section. Wishing all of us healthy feet!

Courtesy Of: FeetRemedies.com




A big thank  you to Feet Remedies for sharing this sponsored infographic.  Wishing all of us healthy happy feet! 


  1. maryanne mildner says:

    keeping a few golf balls near where you watch TV or read are helpful. Roll the ball under foot (on carpet, so doesn’t roll away.) Usually do one foot at a time. or for some exciting fun try to balance and roll a ball under each foot simultaneously (while sitting!) takes tv watching to a whole new dimension….anyway, jokes aside, very good for preventing the plantar fasciitis monster attacking.