Funny Pet Pics & PetSmart Gift Card Giveaway Drawing!

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To finish our pet week posts, today we bring you some of our family’s funny pet pics that include photos from our family of felines and pets that we have fostered.  Enjoy these pics and be sure to enter in the drawing for your chance to win a $25 gift card to PetSmart!  To enter, simply email your name and email address to [email protected].  Be sure to include your address where you want the gift card sent if you are the winner (winner drawn through  Enter by this Sunday, July 14th, 7pm Arizona time! 

So, enter now and take a look at these funny pet pics to make you smile today!

Let’s start with Oliver, who is a very cool cat.  His photo below proves that he truly is one cool cat.  Some of you may remember that we fostered this funny and nice boy a few years ago.  We wrote about his sweet story here.  For the last four years, Oliver has now been living the very happy life in beautiful San Diego.  My niece adopted him and this guy is living the good life!  I laughed out loud when my niece sent me these pictures last week.  Oliver is, and always has been, a real character!

I am posed and ready. Go ahead and start painting my portrait!  I think he really likes that chair…

And here are some photos of our funny felines in action…


Lucy hanging out! 

Baby Tucker doing his chores. His turn to unload the dishwasher 🙂 

Don’t tell anyone…it’s a secret!

Tucker doing yoga pose one…

…and yoga pose 2! 

Is all that birthday stuff for me?!

Yes, this is all for you, Lucy cat, so pose with your loot! 

A birthday hat to go with her birthday suit…get it…cats don’t wear clothes…LOL! 

I stand corrected…this cat apparently does wear clothes!  How is this picture so long ago now?! 

Your Royal Highness x2! 

Fist bump cat style! 


Case closed!

What are you looking at?!    

Blanket package…no…a new cat bed, of course!  And speaking of sleeping…

Sleepy silly Sadie always sleeps with her paws up!

Getting ready to settle in for the purrfect cat nap with paws up again on big brother Tucker.  And when not napping…

…birdwatching! Who is watching who?!  

We could go on and on with our funny cat pics!  If you have funny pet pics you want us to share, email your pics to [email protected] and be sure to enter the drawing for a chance to win a $25 gift card to PetSmart!  We will announce the winner on Monday morning.  Have a purrfect weekend everyone!




  1. I don’t know how I missed these before, they are great pictures!! I love snapping my pets but they rarely cooperate!!

    • says:

      I have been lucky to get the shots! It helps that our phones are now camearas and I usually have my phone right by my side. Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment, Chylon!