To My Friends Sending Kids Off To Young Adulthood…This!

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As I watch so many of my pals tearfully send their babies off to college…or to the military…or to another path as adulthood has somehow crept up so quickly, I considered what I might share in this blog post.  With my oldest turning 24 in a few short months, enjoying his sports journalism career and a very special wedding engagement to the love of his life and my youngest headed back to LA to take on her college sophomore year (oh please let it be a bit more normal this year!), I had planned to share many sentiments.  Sentiments of empathy for the adjustment both the kiddo and the parents are about to experience.  Sentiments of joy that comes with seeing your young adults thrive, which is the biggest prize of all.  And I can’t forget sentiments of shared emotion for the times ahead when that kid of yours needs you due to illness or a rough time and you are unable to be there to comfort in minutes due to distance or other challenging factors.  Bottom line is that you will probably feel all these emotions ahead as you enter this new chapter.  And you will feel such joyful moments when the much-anticipated visits occur.  Thank you, holidays.  The best day for me personally, during the horrific year of 2020, was the day I flew to LA to surprise my daughter on her 19th birthday last year.  That was fun!

Just when I thought I had crafted my message to my dear parent pals about sending kids off…I receive this beautiful framed inspirational message from my beloved mother-in-law.  So, to wish the many parents out there well as they embrace this bittersweet time…THIS…


  1. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying… 🙂

    • says:

      I know! It made me cry when my sweet mom-in-law gave it to me. So good! XO to the parents!

  2. Aunt Janette says:

    Love that beautiful framed message from John’s Mom! Thanks for sharing.

    ❤️ Aunt Janette

  3. I’m so happy your MIL gave me such a special project to do!
    I’m so incredibly blessed that she has been a presence in my life, from literally day one!

  4. I just wanted to say I came across your page when I was doing research on gout and high heels. Lol. You have a wonderful writing style. You made me feel like your friend and we haven’t even met.

    I just thought I’d say to keep it up, you have a gift!

    • says:

      Hi Michelle. Thank you so much for your kind compliment and for reading this very heartfelt article and others on this blog. I appreciate it and I appreciate you! Thank you!