Trying This! A Pro Trainer’s 1 Day Detox Diet

Another reason I LOVE my gym and my trainer, Carlos Monge of Body By Design is because in addition to the challenging, age appropriate workouts he gives us, Carlos also sends his clients weekly emails with inspirational ideas on how to live and eat to compliment exercise to get the best results and optimal health.   […]

From My Trainer: New Year Nutrition Tips

Manic:  The onslaught of calories, sugar and goodies that come with the holidays!  My pants are fitting a little tighter, proving that my Christmas calories and seasonal sugars have slipped through my lips and found their way to other parts of my body. Managed: Not gonna lie.  Gonna enjoy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day […]

Age Appropriate Fitness Training Has Me Sweating…AND Smiling

Manic:  Maintaining a workout, with my schedule and with my aging body that grows older each day! Managed:  Found an incredible trainer who trains, while taking age into account, making the workout challenging, interesting…and safe for my age.  So awesome! And just because he takes age into account doesn’t mean that he goes easy on […]