The Tricky Task of Parenting with Boundaries on Technology

Manic:  Today’s mutiple technology gadgets that surround our kids.  With smart phones, tablets, social media, the internet and more…and with this way of life becoming mainstream and pretty much required to communicate in this day and age, how do we manage our kids’ technology with boundaries? Managed:  Welcomed today’s guest writer, Dr. Lisa Strohman.  Dr. Strohman is […]

Guest Post: Cyberbullying & What Parents Need To Know

Manic:  Today’s technology and social media can be especially manic in the hands of our youth. Sadly, one of the byproducts of today’s 24/7 online life is what is called cyberbullying. Managed: Welcoming today’s guest writer, Dr. Lisa Strohman, a clinical psychologist who specializes in educating parents and children on the effects of technology overuse or […]