My 3TV Everything October Segment

Here is my Everything October 3TV segment.  My segment is only 2 minutes long, but I was able to include several cool items because October brings so much fun. Traditions like pumpkin everything, Halloween, the beginning of gift shopping season and more.  And most importantly, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, too. So take a quick look […]

Terrific, Tasty & Thrifty Holiday Photo Recipe Gift Idea

Manic:  Thinking of holiday gift ideas that are festive, inexpensive, thoughtful and unique.  It is that time of year again! Managed:  While working on a food segment with MealGarden (you have got to try this healthy online meal planning tool!), I discovered that a festive food holiday card can easily be created to accompany a […]

Meal Garden Simplifies Meal Planning & Healthy Home Cooking!

Manic:  Meal planning that is healthy, economical, organized and tasty all in one during our busy week! Managed:  Meal Garden!  I am thrilled to find Meal Garden, a meal planning tool that is online, simple to work with, very organized and enables me to find nutritious recipes with one click.  I also receive a shopping […]