Perfect Peppermint Punch for Kids New Years Eve Fun

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Why should grownups have all of the beverage fun when it comes to New Years Eve?  Here is a recipe that I found at that is a simple pleasing Peppermint Punch.

I tested it on my neighbors and found that both kids and adults like this punch.  Then I included it in my KTVK weekly show segment and the host also gave it a thumbs up.  Last but not least, I enlisted the help of my nieces to make a bowl full of the punch and all loved it.  I even had a request it for another batch on Christmas Day.

This also is a great recipe for next year’s school class party, but be sure to check with the teacher first to make sure that the punch is allowed.  Some schools have strict healthy food policies, which I think is great.  Since peppermint ice cream will soon leave store shelves, make a fun batch to celebrate with your kids this New Years Eve.  Here is the recipe…

Peppermint Punch

1 quart Peppermint Ice Cream

2 liters Ginger Ale

1 Cup of milk

Simply combine the ingredients in a punch bowl, delight in the bubbles and serve.  I was surprised that the drink is not too sweet.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!