Perfect Pressed For Time Pot Roast

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I love a good roast in the cold of winter, but my last few didn’t come out as I had hoped.  Not the case today with a quick recipe that the family says was my best yet.  Here is what I did:

1. Had the fat trimmed off the meat by the butcher.  I used the cut of meat that the McCormick seasonings packet suggested, so buy the McCormick Slow Cookers Savory Pot Roast packet.  You remember those red packets, right?  Well now they have several that are for crock pots, which I love!

2. This time I used a different type of potato called Butter Gold by MountainKing Potatoes.  I found my 5 lb. bag at Safeway.  These tators have a natural buttery taste that was a good match for the roast.

3.  I used my crock pot, but this time instead of using the shorter time setting, which is cooking the meat for 4 hours at high heat, I went with 8 hours on low heat. I recommend going the longer route with crock pot roasts.

4.  To save on time, I threw in some carrots and celery from our left over New Years Day party veggie tray that were already cut up plus I added one full onion and those yummy potatoes.  When the roast was done, I simply mashed each potato as I prepared each serving with some of the roast sauce poured on top.  I threw in a dash of pepper and sea salt and the roast was ready…and appreciated!

So, the difference between this on-the-run roast versus my earlier attempts were in the potatoes and the cooking time.  Using the McCormick packet and the pre-cut veggies enabled me to quickly assemble a hearty dinner that we could enjoy later.  And since we are all back on our schedules, we came home at different times, so keeping the roast on the crock pot’s keep warm setting enabled folks to dine at different times.

With this quick and very delicious pot roast recipe, I got through day 1 of one of my New Years Resolution to cook more for my busy family.

Now on to my next challenge. My daughter became ill about an hour ago with fever and a sore throat. I feel a strep test coming on. She is resting comfortably thanks to Tylenol and I am thankful that she went to bed with a full belly thanks to my roast on the run recipe. Try it!